D. A. Smith: The 911 Project

Fifteen years ago, an act of madness
changed America forever.

D. A. Smith presents

The 911 Project

A drama in three acts

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The Pitch

Hi, Everybody! I'm Dennis A. Smith. You can call me Dennis or D. A.

And welcome to The 9/11 Project!

I'm a professional songwriter with three previous albums under my belt. I was once the lead singer for the band Lucky Dogg. I'm also the author of the critically acclaimed learning program That's Smart! How to Improve Learning Habits. With your help, The 911 Project will be my fourth album.

Previous Work

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All songs are © Dennis A. Smith and are licensed for personal use only.

Rules Were Made to Break

Hands Off My Rock 'n Roll

Thats Smart! How to Improve Learning Habits (1st ed.)

Lions Quarter Publishing, ©2010

That's Smart! How to Improve Learning Habits

Available as download here for $19.95

In this example from That's Smart! D. A. Smith demonstrates two different techniques to help memorize list information, in this case, the 50 U.S. States. The first way uses rhythm and melody, the next alphabetization and categories.

Listen here: The 50 States

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona . . .
Arkansas, California, Co-lo-rado;
Connecticut, Delaware, Florida--
Georgia, HAWAII . . .

Idaho, Illinois, Indiana . . .
Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky;
Lou-i-si-an-a, Maine, Maryland . . .
Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota.

Hm-hmm, hm-hmm, hm-hmm . . .
Hm-hmm, hm-hmm, hm-hmm . . .

Mississippi, Missouri, Montana . . .
Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire;
New Jersey, New Mexico, NEW YORK,
North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio.

Hm-hmm, hm-hmm, hm-hmm . . .
Hm-hmm, hm-hmm, hm-hmm . . .

Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania . . .
Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota;
Tennessee, Texas, Utah . . .
Vermont, Virginia, Washington.

West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wy-o-ming.

I've also made six demo videos of 911 Project songs for YouTube:

I hope I can count on your support. For more information, visit my Lions Quarter Blog. For other ways you can help, click on THE PROJECT link below.

Have an awesome day!

The Album

The 911 Project was inspired by the history of the last decade, from September 11, 2001 through the killing of Osama bin Laden in 2011. I wanted to take viewers on a journey through the experiences of outrage, being at war and redemption, and judging by the reactions of those who've heard the music, I believe I succeeded.

I'm going to need your help to make this production a reality. But some people will find some of the language and subject matter offensive, so I want you to know up front what you're getting into.

Act I:      Shock and Awe

  • (God Bless) America
  • Time 2 Kick Some Ass
  • Hero (Fast Version)
  • A Dangerous Man
  • Lover Not a Fighter
  • Who Do You Trust?
  • Hero (Slow Version)
  • Son of a Gun
  • Something to Hide
  • To Love You<
  • All For the Money

Act II:   This Means War

  • It's Time for a Revolution
  • Suicide Bomber
  • Guns Rule the World
  • There Will Always Be a War
  • Saddam Hussein
  • My God vs. Your God
  • Plastic Jesus
  • God is Good
  • War is Madness
  • Osama bin Laden is Dead (It Took A While but We Still Got You!)
  • Justice Has Come to America

Act III:  The God Files (DECLASSIFIED)

  • God Told Me to Do It
  • Peace Dogg
  • Better than God
  • Religion is the Culprit
  • God is Dangerous
  • After the Rain Falls
  • Pressure (I Just Snapped)
  • Angels, Spirit Guides and Protectors
  • Something Beautiful
  • Don't Forget a Soldier
  • Freedom

I've also made demo videos for YouTube:

I hope you're moved to support. For more information, you can visit the Lions Quarter Blog; for other ways you can help, click on THE PROJECT link below.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look!

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