A Memory by “LordElthibar”

(From DeviantArt, Sep 11, 2013, posted with permission)

Twelve years ago today, a terrible event happened that wreacked havoc on our great nation. When I heard the terrible news, I was so affraid for the family members that were living in New York City. By the grace of God they were spared but by works of the Devil’s puppets, others were not so fortunate. I am refering to the vicious attacks of the Taliban and the Bureaucrats that intended to bring America to its knees and sieze power for themselves. Husbands have lost wives, wives lost husbands, fathers and mothers have lost sons and daughers, sons and daughters have lost mothers and fathers.

It is important that we never forget what happened to our fellow Americans in New York City, twelve years ago lest we forget the cause of freedom. It is with a heavy heart that I have taken this down for very few people have forgotten to mourn for our dead and have instead took to blaming and pointing fingers. We must understand that there are those who oppose the cause of freedom and would do anything to bring freedom’s supporters down. It is my duty as it is the duty of everyone in America to remember that on that fatefull day as we were attacked, there were no liberals, conservatives, democrats, or republicans but we were America then.

I was terrified when I heard the news of the attack and yet too young and naive to understand what the true cost of the attack really meant. Our time on Earth here is a precious gift from God and we must never take it for granted. Let us never forget the God who made this nation great, let us never forget our famillies, and let us never forget our country.


God’s House


A photo taken just after 9/11.

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Video: Don’t Forget a Soldier

A little something I wrote for everyone who served our country:

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