D. A. Smith

Hey, Thanks for checking out the program!

I originally started the project to help my nieces and nephews who were having trouble in school then it expanded to helping family and friends at work who wanted to improve on their skills in memory and wondered if they could be taught how to speed read.

I remember when I first learned to speed read—the day when “I Got It” and could read a 500-page novel in about 2 hours. I felt like I had developed a superpower, an improved confidence and an ability that I wanted to keep with me in my personal arsenal for the rest of my life. There was also the feeling that if I could do it—I could teach others to do it too.

I specifically set out to make the whole program interesting and informative and geared it toward the average person looking to upgrade their basic skills in memory, study and testing.  I wanted to take the mystery and fear out of “speed reading” and describe how it's a great learning tool well worth the short time—as little as 15 minutes—it takes to set you on a path of unlimited potential.

Toward the end of the program I included a three-part section called “Surviving Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll,”  because I've noticed sometimes the biggest thing blocking or path to where we want to be and/or who we want to become is our own selves. So in that respect I and That's Smart ask that you take your personal lifestyle, surroundings and choices into consideration as a factor in your success.

I hope you enjoy the program, I had fun writing it; either by learning how to sing the 50 states or rap the 44 American Presidents. (I have a musical background so I had to add some music!) Amaze yourself with improved confidence in your memory or gain a newfound superpower as you learn how to speed read and see the importance of how pulling your life together helps to as well as honing your scholastic abilities helps to balance your life experiences.

I wish you great strides in your journey and the realization of your best dreams.


D.A. Smith

D. A. Smith is currently working on his new project, The 9/11 Trilogy. You can read more about it here. Dennis is always eager to hear from his readers and listeners; you can find him on Facebook and Twitter, or join the conversation in our new forum.