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“If Dennis Smith has his way, he will be to learning skills what Dr. Phil is to self-improvement and what Dr. Oz is to physical well being.” That's what the Northwest Indiana Times correspondent Tim Shellberg has to say about Dennis Smith in his latest article. Click here to see the latest article.

From the Northwest Indiana Times. Reprinted with permission.

JOHN J. WATKINS | THE TIMES Dennis A. Smith has developed a program to help people improve learning habits

Man devotes time to CD for education

Times Correspondent

Dennis Smith, creator of “That's Smart! How to Improve Learning Habits,” spent several years creating his education-enhancing CD set.

“I bought thousands of dollars in books on memory and speed reading and testing skills over the years,” he said.

Reared and still residing in Hammond, Smith, 45, was encouraged to keep sharp at a young age; two of his older brothers received masters and doctorates in education.

Smith studied rhetoric and composition at Calumet College in St. Joseph for several years. He also worked at area mills and railroads over the last dozen years-plus, and when off the clock, he was a songwriter and musician in the local, now defunct rock-blues band Lucky Dogg.

Smith's interest in improving memory and reading skills was piqued two decades ago when he saw television commercials for Evelyn Wood's speed-reading books and workshops. Today, he estimates he can make his way through an 800-page book in two hours

From there, he continued buying and dissecting memory-enhancing and speed-reading programs, and three years ago this month, Smith began working on what would become “Smart.” He was inspired to put his learned and created philosophies onto disc after watching his nieces and nephews struggle with learning

“My target audience is the average person who wants to improve their learning skills across the board,” he said. “And it's never too late to do so.”

On two discs lasting 107 minutes, Smith gives listeners tips on how to study for tests, take notes and improve their reading habits on “Smart.”

“That's Smart! How to Improve Learning Habits” is available at Smith's Web site,, for $124.95 plus shipping and handling.

For more information on “That's Smart,” call (888) 376- 2788.

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