What Readers are saying about That's Smart!

“Dennis A. Smith presents his wisdom in a straightforward . . .

. . .easy-to-understand narrative style. Strongly recommended as an invaluable aid to doing well in any type of learning environment.”   MORE . . .

—James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief

The Midwest Book Review.

“Library Bookwatch: The Audiobook Shelf,” August 2007


“[An] excellent tool . . .

. . .and can be applied to any age group. . . . It would be great if these techniques were taught in the home as well as in schools.”   

—Joya McCarthy, Community Employment Associate

Workforce Development


“. . . [T]ips and techniques on reading and memory

. . .that I found helpful. This material can benefit anyone, not just in a classroom setting. . . . Thank you for sharing these simple practices which will greatly improve my reading performance.”   READ MORE

—Pete Korellis, President

Korellis Roofing, Inc.


“Unique and innovative—

—I wish it was translated into Spanish.”

—Mike Garcia

Major Airline Employee

“Mr. Dennis Smith has an excellent educational curriculum . . .

. . .that can be used in the Public schools or in after school programs . . . . This program has the basic frame work to assist not only students but teachers also . . . .”  

—Rosamarie Joiner, Director

East Chicago Katharine House Club

Boys and Girls Club of Northwest Indiana

“. . . [D]efinitely a worthwhile investment . . .

. . . for anyone—students, educators, parents, business personnel— anyone who has to study, learn, test, organize and/or remember facts and information, It has been tailored to meet the needs of anyone interested in self-improvement.”   READ MORE

—Mrs. Emanda A. Jones

Retired English teacher/Department Chairperson

Hammond High School

“His Latest Project is...

. . . a handy tool and resource guide to focus and motivate all learners.“ “I have known Mr. Smith a number of years and I am keenly aware of his . . . commitment to promoting sound educational initiatives that supports all students experiencing success in school.”   READ MORE

—Dr. Walter J. Watkins, Ph.D.


Hammond Public Schools