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Just Gun Crazy

Gun Crazy from WikipediaWell, what else would you call it?

Let’s start last Tuesday when two generations of one family get wiped out in a drive-by in Chicago—topping off a wave of violence that saw 14 people shot in 15 hours—and not two days later ten people get gunned down in an Oregon community college by a guy that had 13 guns—bought legally!

Gun Crazy is what I’d call it for starters.

And if the insanity just confined itself to the maniacs who thought so little of human life—who thought so little about their own lives—that the only way they thought they’d matter was to do shit like this—it’d be one thing.

But then in the aftermath they come out: you read them in the comment sections and hear them on FOX news and AM radio—the ones that say if it weren’t for gun laws this wouldn’t happen—that if someone there had a gun they would have stopped them.



Let me start with this: I own a gun—and I have a license for it—and when I’m not going out shooting with it it is kept in a locked safe at home. I do not carry it with me when I go out.

But let’s say—for the sake of argument—I found myself in a similar situation and I had my gun on me. In the movies, I would jump out and blow the bad guy away with one shot and a witty one-liner.

In the real world my first thought would be to get the kids and innocent bystanders and my own black ass behind some cover, and not necessarily in that order. If I reached for anything it would be a phone to dial 911 as I know the cops are trained to handle this sort of thing and I’m not.

I know enough about shooting to know if I tried to take a potshot at the shooter I would most likely 1) miss, 2) make myself his next target, and 3) hit some poor guy—or mother, or kid—who just happened to be in the path of my bullet.

I can’t say I know what the answer is, but I do know making Everytown, USA just like Dodge City isn’t it. That’s looking more like the problem.

One interesting thing that’s pointed out is that cars are actually more regulated than guns.

For example, with a car:

  • You need a license, which you get only by proving you know how to properly operate a car.
  • Your car is visibly registered to an owner—you—who takes full responsibility for what that car does so long as you own it.
  • You need liability insurance in case your car injures someone or damages property.
  • If your car is stolen you have a legal responsibility to inform the police in case it is used in the commission of a crime.
  • Your license has an expiration date, meaning you have to come back in and get periodically re-tested to prove you can still operate a car safely.
  • You’re not allowed to operate your car if you’re intoxicated or become otherwise unable to operate that car safely.

That sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? And you can’t say that it’s particularly hard to get a car.

What do you think? What would you suggest?