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The News Today, Oh Boy


Warning! This post contains strong language not suitable for younger readers!

The Beatles song “A Day in the Life” starts off “I can’t believe the news today, oh boy.” The problem is, I can believe the news lately. I really can:

1) You rarely hear about violent crime of any sort in Canada—but two terrorist attacks in one week! First, Martin Couture-Rouleau, a radicalized convert to Islam, plows his car into two Canadian soldiers in Quebec, killing one. You might not have heard about that. The attack by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau two days later in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, made world news.

Zehaf-Bibeau was another Islamic convert with a “history of drug abuse, criminal activity and mental illness,” who apparently drove all the way from Alberta with an illegal rifle for this attack. First, he shot dead Reservist Nathan Cirillo, one of the ceremonial guards at the War Memorial. He tried to shoot the other guard too but missed. He jumped back into his car and drove to Parliament Hill, then jumped out his car and ran—with his rifle—through the front door of Canada’s Parliament House, where he engaged in a shootout with Royal Canadian Mounted Police (“Mountie”) officers.

To make clear what Zehaf-Bibeau did, imagine somebody shooting down one of the guards at our Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, then driving to Capitol Hill, bringing a rifle into our Capital building and starting a shootout! It was amazing no one else was killed.

Worse, Canada’s Prime Minister—their chief executive, like our President—was in the building, meeting with their Conservative caucus. Luckily, Zehaf-Bibeau walked right by the room he was in. The raid was brought to an end by Parliament’s Sergeant-At-Arms Kevin Vickers.

Normally for his job, he carries a gold-plated ceremonial mace, but Vickers, a former Mountie himself, was damned good with a gun, shooting Zehaf-Bibeau down before he could kill more people.

OK, if anybody thought that killing bin Laden ended the War on Terror, the rise of al-Qaida’s murderous spawn ISIS/ISIL/IS/whatever-the-fuck-they-want-to-call-themselves should’ve put paid to that.

And I want to state here, for me the War of Terror is not a war against the people of the Middle East, or against Islam. It’s a war against mother fuckers like Zehaf-Bibeau and these shitheads who think the most positive contribution they could make in the world is to murder and terrify people!

2) And you’d think nothing like what happened in Canada could possibly happen in the U.S. We know there’s nuts out there who’d love to take a shot at our leaders. We’d have stopped him dead long before he got close to the front doors.

Oh wait—

Remember this guy?

Just last month Omar Gonzalez—a knife-carrying decorated former soldier described as suffering from PTSD—jumped the fence surrounding the White House, making it through the front doors and as far as the East Room before being caught by the Secret Service. Fortunately, President Obama and his family had just left minutes earlier for a vacation at Camp David.

Granted, he apparently didn’t want to harm the President, just warn him the atmosphere was collapsing.

At his recent arraignment hearing, Gonzalez was bound over for psychiatric evaluation.

3 & 4) Closer to home, it seems Northwest Indiana has a new serial killer, who may have killed as many as seven women and claims to have killed even more! Disturbing as that is, the news of 13-year old Kobe Jones being shot and killed by a home intruder, Khanji Fairley, disturbed me more. Fairley said he shot the Jones not because the Jones caught him burglarizing his home, but because he laughed at him.

He laughed at him.
Oh, boy.