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Why I Still Believe in America

I just wanted to post a quick word this July 4th on America. I keep reading stuff on the Internet, hearing on talk radio and TV how America’s problems—how the world’s problems are so bad now; how America’s becoming a police state, how democracy is dying worldwide, how governments can’t solve problems, yada, yada, yada.

I want you to do something for me, right now. I want you to

  • get up, out from behind your computer or tablet or phone,
  • put the computer down,
  • walk over to your fridge or a vending machine, counter, or concession stand,
  • get something gold to drink,
  • come back,
  • put your feet up,
  • take a sip,
  • relax.

chill out

Our problems today are not that serious. Not compared to what this country—to what democracy—has survived before.

Obama Dartboard from Zazzle.com

  • There’s been times in history people thought democracy was doomed to fail. When our country tore itself apart in 1861. After the economy crashed in 1929. People became convinced a democratic government simply couldn’t solve truly serious problems, that it would always serve to “bail out” the wealthy and influential at the cost of the poor, the oppressed, the working stiff. People gravitated to systems like Fascism and Communism, which promised them a new world, a world where people “like them” would be protected from “the enemy,” where the government represented them and only them, where people “like them” would have absolute power.

    Khrushchev: We will bury you--yeah right!

    In the end, we buried Fascism and Communism because the brutal reality of these societies did not come even close to the propaganda, while democratic governments instituted labor relations laws, worker protections, “safety net” programs, and civil rights legislation.

So, again, if you’re worried about America’s future, about democracy’s future—about humanity’s future, I suggest the following:

  • Get something cool to drink,
  • Get a hot dog,
  • Kick back,
  • Relax,
  • Listen to this:
  • Watch some fireworks.

Then tomorrow morning, get out there and fight for everything you believe in!

Happy 4th of July,