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For the Earth…and SCIENCE!!!

for SCIENCE!!!Today thousands of scientists, teachers, science fans and supports across the world joined the March for Science to oppose President Trump (and other world leaders) who would either eliminate funding for urgently needed science research – especially into the climate change that threatens the well-being, if not the lives, of everybody on Earth – or force scientists to misrepresent their data (or outright lie) to conform to politically predetermined views.

Most problems in this world are rarely as simple as politicians and the media present them to be; but in this case, it really does just come down to science telling rich and politically connected people things they don’t want to hear – like that the way been using energy for the past century is taking a toll on our planet and if not stopped now, could end up having very bad effects for everyone. Trump – one such person – and his supporters don’t like those messages, so they’re out to “shoot the messenger” (another way is to just pull all the climate data Government scientists collected over the years off the Web!)

I’m thinking – aside from the fact pretending serious problems don’t exist is just stupid, what Trump and his people in the White House and Congress is trying to do is in many ways, too late. Around the world, people from individuals to corporations to governments are already changing the ways we generate and use energy in response to the threat of climate change. In most of the developed world, coal-fueled generating plants have been closed and replaced with those using cleaner-burning natural gas; Texas used to be known for oil; now it’s the national leader in wind energy. Solar and wind are becoming ever more competitive with other forms of energy on both home and industrial scales. Hybrid cars are here to stay, and more and more models of fully electric cars are coming on the market all the time.

Earth Again

Even what we’re doing, though, is a bit too late. It seems we’re going to suffer some damage from climate change. The best we can do now is to try to minimize the damage; in other words, “when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” To do this, we are going to need all the science and technology we can get, and we’ll need scientists that have the funding and equipment they need and the freedom to state the facts as they determine them. Scientists don’t need Government vetting; other scientists will happily “fact check” them – that’s how science works.

So repeat after me: For the Earth—and FOR SCIENCE!!!