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New Year’s Resolution: A Mind is a Beautiful Thing to Make Great!™

2015--Happy New Year! Ring Out the Old, Ring In the New!

As we come to the close of another year, and prepare our resolutions for the new year, I’d like to offer a suggestion: this year: Do something to improve your mind.

Learn a new language. Take up painting, writing, crossword puzzles, or “what-if” model making. Don’t worry if you’re not good at first—practice makes perfect. Start a blog—on whatever you’re interested in. Start doing something that gets you out of your “comfort zone,” at least for a while. Then, when you’re comfortable with that, start something else!

As a holiday present, here’s one of my favorite songs, and my “personal anthem.”. It’s featured in my novel, Black on Black, on sale right here at Lions Quarter.

A Mind Is a Beautiful Thing to Make Great™

Words and Music ©2014 by Dennis A. Smith.

Grab your dreams and don’t be late
Catch that window of time that makes you great
Never stop! Never give up!
It’s not too late—C’mon!
A Mind is a Beautiful Thing to Make Great!™

Put blinders on and live for the causes
Loving—Giving—It’s all for the masses
Make my world a better place
You and me improving the human race!
Think we can do it? Hell yeah—c’mon!
‘Cause A Mind is a Beautiful Thing to Make Great!™

Live your highest dream
There’s so many people who need you
Work to make it real
Talk is cheap, and not the real deal
Come on out of nowhere
Or explode like a cannon!
There’s so much that you can do
Life is waiting for you

Believe me son I’m talkin’ from the heart
All that bad in the street
Ain’t worth a wet fart!


Beyond that door I passed my fear
Seemed like yesterday
But it was years and years
When I made a breakthrough
I made a new life
C’mon now—Pick up that good advice!
“A Mind is a Beautiful Thing to Make Great!™”

Happy New Year!


Images courtesy of Openclipart.org.