So do you remember when the President, no matter what his politics, carried himself with class and decorum?

From Presidential Class to Unpresidented Crass

Do you remember when Presidents spoke with eloquence—with complete sentences?

Do you remember when the world looked to the United States for leadership, as opposed to, I dunno, France?

Do you remember when Presidents governed like they had some grasp of their responsibility?

It seems so long ago….

OK, I know it’s only been a little over five months. It just seems a lot longer…<sigh>. And just when I thought I could not get more disappointed in the HOT MESS that is this Administration, our current President turns his back on the Paris Accord – on what could be the most important agreement in human history – one of only three nations to do so.

Oh, but it seems he has finally acknowledged the threat of climate change. For now…



[Demotivational poster by Tony Harris. Picture credits: the White House archives;]

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