Submissions Rules

OK, here’s the rules:

1) Most important, you have to own the rights to the artwork. That means either you are the original creator or the creator has signed–or sold–his rights over to you.

  1. This also means anything in the artwork–like a photo you’ve altered–must also be yours; you have either purchased rights to use it or its creator has allowed you to use it by placing in the public domain.
  2. If you use Creative Commons-licensed media in your art, you need to let us know who it came from to so we can perform proper attribution; also we can’t use any art work containing media whose author has licensed it Share-Alike and/or Non-Commercial Use Only.
  3. In short, by submitting artwork to us you swear we have the right to use it in a commercial manner. If somebody sues us, we’re coming after you.

2) The artwork must be submitted in digital form–so if it’s not already digital, like a Photoshop, you’ll need to have it digitally photographed or, preferably, scanned.

  1. Images can be submitted in pretty much any common format, including bitmap (*.gif, *.jpg, *.png, *.tif), Photoshop (*.psd) and GIMP (*.xcf).
  2. Written art can be submitted either as a scanned image or a document, preferably in one of these formats: Microsoft Word (*.doc, *.docx), Adobe (*.pdf), Rich Text (*.rtf), HTML (*.htm, *.html) or plain text (*.txt).
  3. You can submit artwork in three ways:
  4. GOOD:   Upload it from this page—NOTE: our hosting provider rigidly enforces a 20-MB upload limit; so files submitted here cannot be any larger than that;

    BETTER: Email your submission to 911project[at]lionsquarter[dot]com. Check with your ISP or email provider about attachment size limits.

    BEST:    Get an account with a place like deviantART, Flickr, Dropbox, Photobucket, Imgur or Tumblr—basic accounts are free, and they can take plenty big images. Upload it there and send us a link!
    In any case, you can just send us an “evaluation copy”—nice high resolution, please (at least 1024×768)—and if we decide to use your artwork in the album, we can make arrangements to get a “good” copy.

3) NO PORN PLZ—Dennis and I are men of the world, so we have a pretty wide latitude with what we consider “pr0n.” Nonetheless, this isn’t Hustler, so maybe consider posting your really raunchy stuff elsewhere. Also: we’re the ones producing the album, so if we find the artwork to be seriously “offensive,” we reserve the right to toss it. This isn’t a real, official, “contest,” so we can do that. But again, we’ve got some pretty low standards for “offensive.”

4) NO SPAM EITHER—We’re going to be busy enough selling our own stuff without selling anybody else’s. Any picture we decide is meant to be an advertisement (though it can contain, say, a billboard in the background or a TV in the room) is not going to be considered. This includes political ads (we’ve already decided who we’re voting for this November, thank you.)

5) Although you will still own the artwork—it will always be yours—you must agree to let us use your artwork however we see fit. At the very least this means we can display it online on our blog (Hey, fans for you!). At most we’ll have to alter the artwork. For example, if we decide to use your artwork on the cover (Congratulations!) we’ll need to add the 9/11 Project title, logos, barcode, etc.

6) In legal terms:
By submitting your artwork (hereafter referred to as the Work) to the Lions Quarter 911 Project you represent that you are either the (i) originator of this work or (b) that you have full legal rights to this Work and all contents thereof, including the right to sell, market, and/or otherwise distribute the Work, and that you have full, commercial rights to all content within the Work.
Furthermore, you agree to give Lions Quarter Publishing (hereafter referred to as “The Company”), its employees, its successors and assigns a worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, sublicensable, transferable right to (and to allow others acting on its behalf to) (i) use, edit, modify, prepare derivative works of, reproduce, host, display, stream, transmit, playback, transcode, copy, feature, market, sell, distribute, and otherwise fully exploit your Work in connection with (a) the 911 Project, (b) the Company’s (and its successors’ and assigns’) businesses, (c) promoting, marketing, and redistributing part or all of this site or the 911 Project (and derivative works thereof) in any media formats and through any media channels (including, without limitation, third-party websites); (ii) take whatever other action is required to make the Work usable to Lions Quarter Publishing; (iii) allow its users to stream, transmit, playback, download, display, collect, and otherwise use Work in connection with the intended use of this website; and (iv) use and publish the Work along with any trademarks, names, likenesses, personal and biographical materials you provide in connection with the production or marketing of the 911 Project. The foregoing license grant to the Company does not affect your other ownership or license rights to your Submissions, including the right to grant additional licenses to your Work.

7) Finally, once we—that is, Dennis A. Smith and Tony G. Harris (along with anyone else Dennis invites to join us) make our decision as to what artwork will be used on the album or web site, IT IS FINAL. There are no appeals, no overrules, no overturns, no taksey-baksies. We promise only to use the artwork IF it meets our admittedly subjective standards. Where and How are entirely up to us. You may, at any time up until the album artwork is finalized, withdraw your permission in writing.

And once again, you don’t have to contribute money for us to take your artwork. Nor will giving us money make us “like” your artwork more. If you can manage a contribution on Kickstarter, hey, thank you! But we’re not that kind of outfit. And as long as Tony Harris works here, we won’t be.

2 thoughts on “Submissions Rules

  1. Hello, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog site in Firefox, it looks fine
    but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that,
    terrific blog!

  2. This is such a good idea. A friend of mine sent me your link. It’s such a great way to engage readers offline and get physical mail which everyone loves. I may really need to do this after my blog is up and running a bit more.

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