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Dennis wants potential contributors to The 9/11 Project to know his skill and range, so in addition to making demonstration videos of six songs from the 9/11 Project, he has also made available his prior work in the band Lucky Dogg:

Rules Were Made To Break

Horse Head Baby Records, © 1993
"Rules" cover

  1. 1. Party Animal     
  2. 2. Rules Were Made to Break     
  3. 3. Girls Like You     
  4. 4. Burned Out     
  5. 5. Let It Go     
  6. 6. All I Wanna Do     
  7. 7. Lucky Dogg     
  8. 8. Lust Puppies     
  9. 9. What Changes Your Heart     
  10. 10. Brain Shake     

Keep Your Hands Off My Rock ‘n Roll

Horse Head Baby Records © 2000
"Hands" cover

  1. 11. Have a Buzz on Me     
  2. 12. Don't Like It--Get Out     
  3. 13. Sex     
  4. 14. Somebody to Love     
  5. 15. Doggie Style     
  6. 16. Do You Feel All Right     
  7. 17. Tonight When She Comes     
  8. 18. Life As a Dog     
  9. 19. No Love     
  10. 20. No Regrets     
  11. 21. Hands Off My Rock 'n Roll     
  12. 22. Beg Like a Dog     
  13. 23. Angie     
  14. 24. Kiss Me     
  15. 25. That's All You're Good For     
  16. 26. Heartbreak Comin'     
  17. 27. Rain     
  18. 28. We Need More Love     
  19. 29. Songs For My Friends     

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