January 13, 2014

UPDATE: The first copies of Black on Black are on their way from the printers, and are expected tomorrow. Black on Black is in stock!

Available at our store and at our Amazon page!

UPDATE: Black on Black is on sale today, here and on Amazon.com, but due to the weather emergency we are only taking pre-orders, which will be fulfilled as soon as weather permits!

I’m writing to announce the release January 6, 2014 of an exciting new Urban Fiction novel with the immediacy of today’s headlines by an author who grew up in the “hood,” and lived over ten years in Chicago!

cover imageBlack on Black is the story of Porsche, daughter of a widower pastor of a South Side neighborhood church. She’s young, idealistic, and dedicated to serving the children of this troubled community. When gang violence hits close to home, she swears no more of her “children” will fall to street violence. Unfortunately, the evil that rules the “Street” has taken root in the Church itself, and the battle for the soul of the South Side Urban Community will be costly. Worse, Porsche is questioning the “Old Time” religion of her parents; in the bloody battle to come, can she find her own path to faith?

For more information on Black on Black, including a synopsis of the story and main characters, click here.

My ultimate goal is to see this story brought to film—right here in Chicago, if at all possible. The movie idea came first—this story was always meant for film. It began as a sort of “scriptment” (script+treatment—James Cameron is fond of writing those), just to flesh out the story. My partner and buddy Tony Harris suggested it would make a great novel, so I rewrote it in that format, and we’ll be releasing it January 6, 2014.

know about the “ghetto”—I grew up there. I know intimately the sorts of people—good and bad—who live there. I’ve lived over ten years in Chicago—and not always in the “better” neighborhoods—I know what goes on there. I also know what it’s like when the pastor’s “Word” starts to ring hollow—when it seems you need to start cutting your own path to God.

UPDATE: I had planned to launch an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to coincide with the launch of the print edition of Black on Black, but I’ve decided to hold off until Black on Black has more press coverage.

We’ll still have Black on Black on sale Monday, and stay tuned for more updates!

With the release of Black on Black on January 6, 2014 I’m also launching my new project to raise funds for the development of Black on Black the movie—the URL is


Our goal now for Black on Black is to finish a proper screenplay and script treatment, and to secure sufficient funds though crowdfunding, investor financing, or both to at least move on to pre-production. With an absolute bare-bones budget we’ll need $225,000 to complete the movie—a larger budget would, naturally, allow us to attract more experienced talent, resulting in a more marketable product. If at all possible I want to shoot Black on Black in the city it’s set in—Chicago.  Chicago has an energy and personality like no other city; it’s no wonder Hollywood loves shooting here.

For more details about Black on Black, the movie project, my other projects, or if you want to know more about me, you can visit the Lions Quarter web site at http://www.lionsquarter.com, call me anytime at (219) 932-5531, or email me at dasmith@lionsquarter.com.


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