That's Smart! How to Improve Learning Habits

That's Smart! How to Improve Learning Habits, 2nd EditionThat’s Smart: How to Improve Learning Habits is Lions Quarter Publishing’s proud flagship title, now in its second edition! You can the eBook bundle here at our Lions Quarter Store! and our print edition at!

    That’s Smart! How to Improve Learning Habits made news when it was first published, and drew rave reviews from professional educators. That’s Smart! is packed with everything you need to start a lifetime of learning—how to improve memory and recall; enhance brainstorming and creativity; effective study habits, note taking and test taking—all in just two hours!

    Designed for learners from 12 years old to adultThat’s Smart! draws on techniques author D. A. Smith used to help his nieces and nephews who were having trouble in school, then to helping family and friends at work who wanted to improve on their skills in memory and wanted to be taught how to speed read—like Dennis himself!

    As Smith himself remembers:

    I remember when I first learned to speed read—the day when “I got it” and could read a 500-page novel in about 2 hours. I felt like I had developed a superpower, an improved confidence and an ability that I wanted to keep with me in my personal arsenal for the rest of my life. There was also the feeling that if I could do it—I could teach others to do it too.

    I specifically set out to make the whole program interesting and informative and geared it toward the average person looking to upgrade their basic skills in memory, study and testing. I wanted to take the mystery and fear out of “speed reading” and describe how it’s a great learning tool well worth the short time—as little as 15 minutes—it takes to set you on a path of unlimited potential.

    That’s Smart! has techniques to improve speed and accuracy of reading, improve memory and recall, and boost performance in tests. Fun exercises include drawing mind maps, singing the 50 States, rapping the 45 American Presidents, and making up totally crazy stories to remember lists and vocabulary words!

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    The last three chapters are devoted to surviving the potential pitfalls of “Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll,” as in Dennis’ experience, the one thing that truly blocks a person’s ultimate potential is the consequences of unwise actions.

    That’s Smart! Second Edition is liberally sprinkled throughout with colorful illustrations and inspiring quotes!


    That's Smart!--Now Available on Kindle

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    There’s beauty. There’s (scientifically proven) character. There’s nuances covering a wide range of human emotions connected to each pen stroke when we write that cannot be duplicated by text or email. Yes, texting and email and other electronic text/document communications are here to stay… but the usefulness of teaching printing and cursive writing in school is not yet out... Read more


    "His latest project is a handy tool and resource guide to focus and motivate all learners. I have known Mr. Smith a number of years and I am keenly aware of his . . . commitment to promoting sound educational initiatives that supports all students experiencing success in school.”

    “[D]efinitely a worthwhile investment for anyone—students, educators, parents, business personnel—anyone who has to study, learn, test, organize and/or remember facts and information, It has been tailored to meet the needs of anyone interested in self-improvement.” Read Entire...

    “Mr. Dennis Smith has an excellent educational curriculum that can be used in the Public schools or in after school programs . . . . [H]as the basic frame work to assist not only students but teachers also . . . .” Rosamarie Joiner, Director East Chicago Katharine House Club Boys and Girls Club of Northwest...

    “ . . . [T]ips and techniques on reading and memory that I found helpful. This material can benefit anyone, not just in a classroom setting. . . . Thank you for sharing these simple practices which will greatly improve my reading performance.” Read Entire...

    “[An] excellent tool and can be applied to any age group. . . . It would be great if these techniques were taught in the home as well as in schools.” Joya McCarthy, Community Employment Associate Workforce Development

    “Dennis A. Smith presents his wisdom in a straightforward, easy-to-understand narrative style. Strongly recommended as an invaluable aid to doing well in any type of learning environment.” Original Page James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief The Midwest Book...


    With this program we wish you great strides in your journey and the realization of your grandest dreams.

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